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Start Date : 14 Jul,2024
End Date   : 18 Jul,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price            : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25)



Health and safety awareness are an essential feature of the training and development of staff, but more importantly, the pro-active prevention of work-related accidents and incidents. Employers have a responsibility both for themselves and for their workers under welfare and safety legislation. Consequently, the need for job safety arises. Job safety starts with the job safety analysis which is broken down into its component parts of any method or procedure to determine the hazards connected with each key step and the requirements for performing it safely. A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a highly effective tool used to examine and establish the safest way to complete a work task. The term JSA is often used interchangeably with Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). 



Course Objectives: 

At the end of this course, participant will be able to: 

  • Define and discuss the importance of job safety and hazard analysis in the environment and industry 
  • Explain the needs and benefits of JSA/JHA 
  • Provide the information necessary to properly complete JSA’s 
  • Provide the tools necessary to properly complete JSA’s 
  • Carryout the procedure and methods in job safety analysis 
  • Identify the hazards involved in conducting job safety and hazard analysis 


Course Content: 

1- Safe System at Work 

  • Six broad elements of safe systems of work 

  • Developing safe systems 

  • Five basic steps 

  • Task assessment 

  • Hazard identification and risk assessment 

  • Definition of safe methods 

  • Implementing the system 

  • Monitoring the system 

  • The “Sredim” principle 

  • Keeping track of job safety analyses 


 2- Risk Assessment 

  • Fire risk assessment 

  • Probability 

  • Severity 

  • Risk factor 

  • Table of risk assessment 


3- Introduction to Job Safety & Hazard Analysis 

  • What is job safety analysis? 

  • Benefits of job safety analysis 

  • Uses of job safety analysis 

  • Hazard awareness 

  • Definition of key words 

  • One process, three goals 

  • Where to start? 

  • When in doubt, use common sense! 


4- How do I Conduct JSA/JHA 

  • Three step JSA procedure 

  • Important tips 

  • List basic job steps 

  • Gathering information 

  • List basic job steps 

  • Identifying hazards 

  • Ergonomic danger signs 

  • Environmental considerations 

  • Physical hazard considerations 

  • Identify and list hazards 


5- Control Hit List 

  • Determine controls 

  • Using results 



    Targeted Audience: 

    This course is intended for anyone involved in operations and maintenance that needs to perform JSAs of new or existing tasks. It is also beneficial to full-time safety practitioners, safety committee members, safety coordinators, safety specialists, human resources, safety managers, loss control managers and operations managers. 

    Job Safety Analysis - JSA and Job Hazard Analysis - JHA

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