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Start Date : 29 Sep,2024
End Date   : 3 Oct,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



Health and Safety in the Workplace provides those in managerial and supervisory positions with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the issues involved. You will learn how to reduce costs and improve profits with effective safety management 

Health and safety technology and procedures are very important aspects of health and safety management. However, on their own, these will not provide a continuous improvement in health and safety performance. It is necessary to have personnel with a sound understanding of the areas that can give rise to losses. The course covers all the basic areas of Safety in the Workplace such as Safety Management, Safety Culture, Workplace Equipment, Hazardous agents, and Legislation. 


Course Objectives: 

At the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Advise on aspects of the management of health and safety in the workplace 

  • Determine health and safety training requirements 

  • Identify areas where specific legal requirements apply 


  • Determine good health and safety practice 
  • Identify areas for improvement through a risk assessment approach 




Course Content:

1- Legislation: 

  • Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Safety Law  

  • The role & powers of enforcing agencies 

  • Consequences of non-compliance with the law 


2- Health and Safety Management: 

  • Elements of a Safety Management system 

  • Health and Safety Policy 

  • Health and Safety Policy 

  • Safe Systems of Work 

  • Inspections and Audits 


3- Safety Management and Culture: 

  • Accidents and Incidents 

  • What is Safety Culture? 

  • Developing a positive Safety Culture 

  • Communication 

  • Safety Committees 


4- Workplace and Work Equipment: 

  • Welfare arrangements 

  • First Aid 

  • Minimizing hazards of work equipment 

  • Electrical Safety 

  • Emergency arrangements 


5- Hazardous Agents: 

  • Occupational Health 

  • Chemical hazards control 

  • Physical Hazards – Noise, Vibration, Radiation, Manual Handling 

  • Psychological hazards – Stress 



Targeted Audience:

  • Process Managers 

  • Process Engineers 

  • Team Leaders/Supervisors 

  • Maintenance Engineers 

  • Health and Safety personnel 

Health and Safety in the Workplace

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