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Start Date : 24 Nov,2024
End Date   : 28 Nov,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



This course will firmly put planned shutdowns and turnarounds, which are an accepted feature of large process plants, into a business context. The purpose will be identified as the provision of increased overall availability, efficiency and integrity. The course will identify the ingredients which need to be managed effectively and optimized to achieve this result. A framework for efficient, effective and timely action will be given. The course will highlight how opportunities provided to inspect, clean, repair, modify equipment and regenerate or renew catalysts also provide opportunities to do significant quantities of unnecessary work. This increase in work volume will increase workforce numbers, add complexity to the process, put pressure on the competence pool available locally, add cost, and usually extend the duration of the shutdown. 

Effective management of equipment degradation will reduce the rate and unpredictability of deterioration, reduce repair needs, and provide an increased confidence in inspection trends. All of which will reduce work needs. The course will provide a good understanding of how to manage these and other issues which bear on the successful achievement of the objectives of a modern shutdown strategy. This strategy will aim to optimize the interval between shutdowns, minimize the time between feed out to product back on specification and do this at a low cost. The course will provide participants with competence in the use of modern, well proven approaches, tools and techniques to achieve this desirable end result. 



Course Objectives: 

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Obtain a solid understanding of the key elements of successful shutdown management 
  • Apply strategies for shutdown avoidance by managing degradation and regulators 
  • Justifying the shutdown and formulating clear objectives to help minimize work volume 
  • Make a timetable and framework to make visible and manage the necessary business processes 
  • Apply best practice plans for some critical aspects of a shutdown  
  • Employ communication strategies 
  • Understand benchmarking and capture of data to drive improvements 


Course Content: 

  1. Understanding the purpose of a shutdown ·
  2. How to measure success ·
  3. Development of a strategic framework for effective action ·
  4. Pacesetter performance and best in class ·
  5. Putting the shutdown into context of overall operations ·
  6. Pre-shutdown work minimizing techniques ·
  7. Establishing the shutdown objectives and targets ·
  8. Forming the shutdown team ·
  9. Making a milestone plan with Pacesetter targets ·
  10. Vetting, challenging and freezing work scopes ·
  11. Development of contracting strategy options ·
  12. Quality plans for critical issues ·
  13. Detailed planning systems ·
  14. Managing efficient preparation and execution ·
  15. Managing and minimizing emergent work ·
  16. Management safety ·
  17. Achieving a smooth and leak free start up ·
  18. Performance reporting, cost monitoring and lessons learnt


Targeted Audience:

This course is intended for professionals dealing with all significant aspects of the management of shutdowns and turnarounds. Also, the course will be highly valuable to all professionals, particularly engineers, who are involved in this area of the business and for other support personnel involved in shutdowns the course will produce useful insights and put into perspective the key issues and approaches that need to be effectively managed to bring business success. 

Best Practices for Planning and Execution of Shutdown and Turnaround

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