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Start Date : 3 Nov,2024
End Date   : 7 Nov,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



 This training course is focused on comprehensively structuring the maintenance management environment. The key elements of maintenance management strategy, organisation, maintenance programme development, work planning and control, decision models, maintenance auditing and performance measurement, continuous improvement, and other techniques required to implement a world-class maintenance practice will be covered. These key tools can be used to ensure the core disciplines are maintained, to drive improvement, identify best practices, and assist with the formulation of strategies. 




Course Objectives: 

 By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate the latest concepts and techniques required for managing or supervising a maintenance unit 

  • Examine the organizational and managerial considerations for effective maintenance work 

  • Evaluate your practices compared to those of others  

  • Apply techniques to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 

  • Optimize preventive and predictive maintenance strategies 

  • Audit your maintenance operations 

  • Identify common maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop the maintenance department scorecard  

  • Use the results to develop and improvement strategy  



Course Content:

1- Introduction  

  • Objectives of maintenance management 

  • Evolution in Maintenance Management 

  • Common maintenance management problems 

  • Typical responsibilities of a maintenance manager 


2- Continuous improve practices in maintenance 

  • 5S Model to improve productivity and reliability 

  • Defining 5S and its principles 

  • Relationship between maintenance and production 

  • Determine needs and requirements 

  • Applying the principles of 5S to continuous improvement 


3- Management of maintenance 

  • Maintenance strategies 

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness  

  • Equipment failures and patters 

  • Failure modes and effect analysis 

  • Emergency and preventive maintenance 

  • Common preventive maintenance tasks 

  • Predictive maintenance 


4- Maintenance planning and control 

  • Maintenance work flow process 

  • Work requests and work orders 

  • Work planning and scheduling 

  • Backlog management 

  • Resource management 

  • Spare parts management 

  • Maintenance master budget 

  • Maintenance initiatives 

  • Replacement analysis of assets 

  • Maintenance operating budget 

  • Innovation and creativity 


5- Maintenance Auditing and Improvement 

  • Introduction to Maintenance Auditing and Benchmarking 

  • The Maintenance Auditing Process 

  • Using Auditing and Benchmarking to drive improvement 


6- Maintenance performance management 

  • Measuring and evaluating maintenance performance 

  • Common maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets 

  • The maintenance balanced scorecard 



Targeted Audience:

  • Maintenance team leaders and managers  

  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers 

  • Maintenance supervisors 

  • Maintenance engineers 

  • Planning engineers  

  • Operations team leaders and managers 

Advanced Maintenance Management

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