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Start Date : 20 Oct,2024
End Date   : 24 Oct,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



As industrial security guard, you may encounter a situation when you need to defend yourself to remove a belligerent visiter, detain a suspect, or prevent a theft or vandalism. This self-defense training workshop will enhance your Self Defense techniques and skills as a part of physical and personnel security to ensure workplace safety and to preserve and protect life.


Course Objectives:

  • By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Define and understand the importance of self-defense
  • Identify and familiarize the use of each self-defense technique.
  • Know all the self-defense methods
  • When and where to use self-defense
  • Practice and apply the Correct methods of self-defense


Course Content:

  • Self & Security Sense.
  • Basic Self-Defense.
  • Tactical Communications (sometimes known as verbal judo), Situational Awareness.
  • De-Escalation Techniques.
  • Self-defense Practices, examples, and videos.
  • Tactical Handcuffing.
  • Effective practical Defensive Tactics taught by expert martial art instructor.


Training Methodology:

This training course will be conducted as a highly interactive workshop session A variety of training methodologies and facilitation techniques will be used before and during the course whenever applicable. These methods are aimed at enhancing individual and group interaction while maximizing learning. Some of these methods are:

  • Pre-post Test
  • Lectures
  • Modern Visual Aids
  • Gamification
  • Self-Assessment Instruments
  • Simulations Case Studies
  • Videos and Software
  • Practical Exercises
  • Group Exercises & Discussions
  • Role plays
  • Indoor & Outdoor game.

Self-Defense Tactics for Security Guards

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