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Start Date : 29 Jul,2024
End Date   : 2 Aug,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 5,950 ( SAR 22,312.50)



Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) which is a corporate-level maintenance strategy that is implemented to optimize the maintenance program of a company or facility. The final result of an RCM program is the implementation of a specific maintenance strategy on each of the assets of the facility. The maintenance strategies are optimized so that the productivity of the plant is maintained using cost-effective maintenance techniques. 


Course Objectives: 

At the end of this course the participants will be able to: 

  • Explore the components that comprise an effective maintenance program 

  • Understand the place of Reliability-Centered Maintenance in the business of maintenance and its role in determining the optimum maintenance program 

  • Review the history and principles of RCM along with the various approaches 

  • Present a methodology for applying RCM using examples and working sessions 

  • Understand what is needed to implement RCM and its results 

  • Understand the role of condition monitoring and information systems in the implementation of RCM 


    Course Content: 

    1- Introduction to Maintenance 

    o History of maintenance?  

    o Components of maintenance 


    2- Current Approaches to Maintenance: 

    o   Total Productive Maintenance 

    o   Condition-Based Maintenance 

    o   Proactive Maintenance 


    3- Optimum Maintenance Program: 

    o   Maintenance planning approaches 

    o   Maintenance processes 


    4- Introduction to RCM: 

    o   History of RCM 

    o   Principles of RCM 

    o   Benefits of RCM 

    o   RCM and risk 

    o   Types of maintenance tasks 


    5-  The Nature of Failure: 

    o   What is failure? 

    o   The failure process 

    o   The failure mechanism 

    o   The bathtub curve? 


    6-  The RCM Process: 

    o   Classical RCM process 

    o   Streamlined RCM process 

    o   RCM as a project 


    7- Functional Failure Analysis: 

    o   Data gathering 

    o   System boundaries 

    o   Functions and performance standards 

    o   Functional failures 


     8- Failure Modes and Effects Analysis: 

    o   Failure modes 

    o   Failure effects and consequences 

    o   Equipment criticality, working session 


    9- Task Selection: 

    o   Failure causes 

    o   Applicable and effective tasks 

    o   Task logic tree 

    o   Cost benefit analysis 

    o   Working session 


    10- Implementation: 

    o   Task comparison 

    o   Task packaging 

    o   Redesign 

    o   Criticality checklist 

    o   Implementation planning 

    o   Project completion 

    o   Implementation 


    11- Ongoing Role of RCM: 

    o   Organizational issues 

    o   The living program 

    o   Performance measures 


    12- Documentation and Information Systems: 

    o   Operating and maintenance documentation 

    o   Computerized Maintenance Management Systems 

    o   RCM analysis system 



    Targeted Audience: 

    • RCM team members 

    • Reliability engineers 

    • Project engineers 

    • Maintenance analysts 

    • Maintenance superintendents 

    • Design engineers 

    • Plant Performance engineers 

    Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) - Optimize Asset Management

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