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Start Date : 24 Nov,2024
End Date   : 28 Nov,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



Project Management course covers the essential principles of managing projects in any industry or business. The course presents a comprehensive overview of the Project Management cycle starting from project initiating until closing, which furnishes a clear methodology to manage projects in the organization. Besides, this course highlights the skills, tools, and techniques to help aspiring project professionals to become competent project managers. 


Course Objectives: 


  • Define several key project management terms 
  • Recognize the relationship between project, program, and portfolio management 
  • Describe different organizational structures and their effect on managing projects 
  • Define project roles and responsibilities 
  • Recognize the importance of soft skills- such as leadership, team building, and communication- in managing projects 
  • Initiate and authorize a project 
  • Plan for a successful project 
  • Execute the project plan 
  • Monitor and control project execution 
  • Close the project and document lessons learned 



      Course Content: 

      1- The Project Management Context 

      • Key terms in Project Management 

      • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management 

      • Effect of Organizational Structures on Project Management  

      • The Project Lifecycle 

      • The Triple Constraints 

      • Project Management Roles and Responsibilities 

      • Project Management Process Groups 

      • Stakeholder Management 


      2- Project Initiating 

      • Project Statement of Work (SOW) 

      • Stakeholder Analysis 

      • Business need and project purpose 

      • Project boundaries and deliverables 

      • Product requirements and characteristics 

      • Project acceptance criteria 

      • Major milestones, summary budget, assumptions, and constraints 

      • Chartering a project 


      3- Project Planning 

      • Project Integration Management 

      • Project Scope Planning 

      • Project Schedule Planning 

      • Project Cost Planning 

      • Project Quality Planning 

      • Project Risk Planning 

      • Project Resource Planning 

      • Project Communications Planning 

      • Project Procurement Planning 

      • Baseline and the Project Management Plan 


      4- Project Executing and Controlling 

      • Implementing the Project Management Plan 

      • Developing Project Controls and Key Performance Indicators 

      • Earned Value Management 

      • Project Change Management 

      • Project Status Reports 


      5- Project Closing 

      • Administrative and Contractual Closing 

      • Formalizing Final Acceptance by Key Stakeholders 

      • Project Closure Report 

      • Project Documents 

      • Lessons Learned 


      Targeted Audience: 

      • Project Managers and Project Coordinators 

      • Project Planners 

      • Project Engineers 

      • Department and Functional Managers 

      • Project Management Office (PMO) members 

      • Project Sponsors and Senior Management 

      Project Management Skills

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