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Start Date : 18 Aug,2024
End Date   : 22 Aug,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 2,190 (SAR 8,212.50)



This course will give participants an in-depth understanding of preventive and predictive maintenance practices; it will also cover many best practice techniques such as Total Productive Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Condition Based Monitoring, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and Root Cause Failure Analysis 


Course Objectives: 

  • Develop, implement and supervise the preventive and predictive maintenance program 

  • Implement the latest techniques and management styles of leading facilities and maintenance management practices 

  • Optimize the effectiveness of maintenance, by using sophisticated techniques and methods, to economize time, money and resources 

  • Prevent and limit equipment failures, and rework to improve the equipment's overall effectiveness and reliability 

  • Decrease downtime and increase profit for their organization 




Course Content: 

1. Maintenance Overview

2. Common Issues in an Organization

3. Introduction to Asset Management

4. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Set-Up

5. Work Identification and Requesting

6. Work Planning and Estimating

7. Work Scheduling and Execution

8. Quality Feedback Reporting

9. Completion and Work Control

10. Data Analysis Techniques

11. Maintenance Replacement Decisions

12. Downtime Reduction

13. Performance Reporting

14. Root Cause Analysis

15. Why Process



Targeted Audience: 

  • Maintenance Managers 

  • Maintenance Engineers 

  • Maintenance Supervisors 

  • Planning Engineers 

  • Operations Professionals 

  • Engineering and Purchasing Staff 

  • Materials Divisions 


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