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Start Date : 24 Nov,2024
End Date   : 28 Nov,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



This course considers external protection using corrosion resistant materials, coatings, and cathodic protection. The importance of internal corrosion and its prevention will be examined with emphasis on material selection, coatings and use of corrosion inhibitors. The contribution of inspection (non-destructive testing), and corrosion monitoring to the overall operation will be considered in detail. Corrosion problems concerning” risers” and subsea-lines will be considered together with methods for protection. 


Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, you will gain an understanding of corrosion engineering in oil and gas production involving the various methods available for corrosion control, regulatory and safety matters, and the contribution of an integrated monitoring and inspection program for operations and diagnosis of problems. 


Course Content: 

  • Overview – Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production
  • Economics of Corrosion Damage
  • Introduction to Corrosion and Corrosion Control
  • Basic Corrosion Principles
  • Forms of Corrosion
  • Corrosion Aspects – Oxygen
  • Corrosion Aspects – Sweet
  • Corrosion Aspects – Bacterial
  • Corrosion Prevention – Inhibitors
  • Corrosion Prevention – Design
  • Corrosion Prevention – Cathodic Protection
  • Corrosion Prevention – Materials and Selection
  • Corrosion Prevention – Coatings and Linings
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Water Chemistry
  • Manufacturers’ Demonstration
  • Inspection and Nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Failure Analysis
  • Pipelines and Risers
  • Oil Treatment Corrosion
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subsea Systems – Corrosion
  • Oilfield and Oil Treating Facilities



Targeted Audience: 

The course is designed essentially for process and mechanical engineers employed by the operating companies engaged in oil and gas production. The material is also appropriate for those personnel concerned with specialist functions in the oil industry including inspection, material selection, and corrosion control, as well as those involved in R&D. 

Corrosion Techniques and Monitoring

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