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Start Date : 24 Nov,2024
End Date   : 28 Nov,2024
Duration    : 5 Days
Price          : $ 3,995 ( SAR 14,981.25 )



The course is designed for participants to understand the functions of bearings in relation to rotating equipment, its installation, its performance and to know the major signals/symptoms of bearing failure. A basic understanding of the principles and practices of predictive maintenance is also covered. 


Course Objectives: 

  • Know how lubrication affects machine reliability and determine the financial benefits as well as the important implementation steps to achieving lubrication excellence 

  • Become familiar with the staffing, training and culture of the lubrication workforce & describe the composition of lubricants, crude oil derived lubricants and synthetic lubricants for tribology 

  • Enumerate the types of lubrication, characteristics of the lubricants under different operating conditions and various lubricant properties 

  • Recognize the need for internal combustion lubricants for petrol and diesel engines & identify the viscosity classifications for automotive driveline lubrication 

  • Learn the importance of hydraulic systems and fluids as well as employ miscellaneous lubrication of steam turbine pumps, motors and air compressors 

  • Develop an understanding on the use of lubrication systems and exercise cleanliness control in the filtration of lubricants 

  • Illustrate the various monitoring techniques, vibration and oil analysis for the assessment of the condition of rotating machinery 

  • Determine the tribology root causes of failures and apply fluid contamination control & leakage, fluid chemical, temperature and wear stability 

  • Heighten awareness on safety issues, shelf life and contamination potential in the storage of lubricants 


Course Content: 

1- Introduction: 

Construction of bearing, components, and their functions, Material of construction, Bearing design for misalignment compensation, Ball screw – for precision machines, Bearing life by design. 


2- Causes of failure: 

Root cause analysis, Why do bearing fail, Bearing failure stages, Bearing defect frequencies, Displaying fault frequencies, Types of wear, Major signals of Bearing failure, Methods of Failure analysis, Acceleration enveloping signal processing, Standard acceleration and velocity measurement setup, Failure prevention methods, Introduction to noise and vibration analysis, Introduction to thermography, Ultrasonic level 1, level 2 


3- Preventive, Predictive maintenance: 

Purpose of maintenance, Scheduling of bearing maintenance, Proactive reliability maintenance programs, Comprehensive Bearing maintenance, Improving the reliability of Bearings in the system, Bearing Maintenance and Service, Bearing reliability, Failure prevention methods. 


4- Corrective actions, Servicing, and checks: 

Misalignment, Thrust setting, Setting radial play, Safety precautions that are essential for working, Additional bearing mounting methods, Internal Clearance, Setting Internal Clearance on Spherical Roller Bearings, Bearing Maintenance, Bearing Seals 


5- Bearing Selection: 

Bearing selection criteria for machine application, Type of machine – Low speed, Medium speed, High speed, Type of machine - Heavy nonprecision, Light Precision, Slides and Spindle movements. 


6- Installation: 

General principles of plain-bearing installation, Inspection of bearings before fitment, Knowledge of tools and equipment’s, following manufacturer’s recommendations 


7- Monitoring Bearing performance Methods: 

of checking the soundness of bearing, Bearing history records for future, Performance monitoring procedure, Monitoring equipment’s 


8- Tools and service equipment: 

Types of tools used for bearing fitment, Procedure for bearing removal, Types of tools used for bearing removal, Types of bearing fitness tests and records for future. 


Targeted Audience: 

This course is intended for all maintenance professionals, lubrication technicians, machine and equipment predictive maintenance technicians, reliability and lubrication engineers, superintendents, supervisors and technicians, maintenance managers, supervisors and foremen, rotating equipment engineers, plant engineers & machinery engineers. 

Bearing Maintenance and Failure Analysis

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